Who are you living for?

Yesterday, in a deep and profound conversation with a friend, she shared a writing prompt she had been given.

“Who are you living for?”

What a fascinating question.

Who am I living for?

My mind immediately jumped to the most obvious answer.. I am living for me.

And then it asked, What does that mean?

The question simmers as I smile on this beautiful spring morning where seemingly overnight the leaves have unfurled from where, just the day before, they hung in winter’s naked listlessness.

This morning, my world is awash in brilliant green hues and I feel as light as the spring breeze wafting through the open deck door.

Like the robin who arrives again and again with twigs to build her nest in the rafters above our downstairs patio, the question comes back to me. Am I living for myself or am I trying to be all things for so many people I am not living my true self life where I am creating my world based on what I believe others want?

What does it mean to ‘live for myself’?

Is it selfish? Or, is it the most effective way to live to give back to this world my unique gifts and talents so that I can create better in the world around me?

Is living for myself giving myself medicine first so that I can have medicine to give others?

Is living for myself the medicine I need most?

Wonderful thoughts to ponder as I journey forth into my day.

I asked myself a question this morning. I thought I knew the answer. In my thinking I did, a beautiful, mysterious path opens up leading me deeper into the exquisite nature of my humanness, bringing me closer and closer to my essential essence.

In every step I take along that path, I expand more and more into becoming the all of me that is left when I release my knowing to allow the unknown to appear.

How divine.

What about you? Have you ever pondered the question, “Who are you living for?” Does it resonate or does it lead to more questions? Does it excite you? Do you think you know the answer?

I’d love to hear more.