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2014: The Year of At Onement

At Onement Mixed Media
At Onement
Mixed Media

It was a year to celebrate. To rejoice. To give thanks. It was, as Dicken’s would say,  the best, and the worst, of times. There were moments that truly took my breath away and moments that broke my heart wide open.

A broken heart is an open heart and an open heart is a loving heart.

I am grateful for every moment of 2014. Grateful for the highs and the lows. Grateful for the sorrow and grief, and the love and laughter. I am grateful for the losses and the gains, the missing of loved ones and the welcoming of new friends, new experiences, new ideas.

I am grateful.

There were many turning points in 2014. Many moments that stopped me in my tracks and gave me pause to contemplate the wonder and majesty of life, our human condition, our shared experience here on earth.

There was, the loss of Ellie the Wonder Pooch. The grief of her passing and the celebration of her life. There were friends who gathered to bid her adieu and friends who wrote to wish her well on her final journey. And there was the moment I sat with her in the silence of her final breath and said good-bye. My heart was heavy in that moment and still, there was gratitude for this loving creature who taught me so much about compassion and loving unconditionally and who saw me through the darkest times of my life and walked with me into the light.

There was war and terrorist attacks around the world and drones flying and righteous speeches calling men, women and children to take up arms and heartfelt pleas to put down arms of destruction and hold out arms filled with nothing but love for one another. Here on our Canadian soil the horror of radicalism drove home the need to honor and respect each other where we stand and not give into the call to kill one another in the name of whatever God we worship.

There were outbreaks of disease sweeping through nations and killing indiscriminately.

There were rising oil prices and plummeting oil prices. There were losses and gains. Winners and losers.

And always, there was love giving rise to hope. Making room for possibility. Creating space for better in all our hearts, minds and souls.

2014 was the year of atonement, or as it was said in Old English, At Onement, my word for the year. Meditating on At Onement lead me to oneness, within myself and with the world around me and the Universe. In my focus on atonement, I felt the deepness of gratitude stirring my soul and the breath of forgiveness easing my heart. At Onement drew me closer to understanding the oneness of my human condition and my connection to all humankind. To our connection, our sameness and differences and the beauty in each of our unique places on earth.

2014 drew me closer to my capacity to be the dreamer and the architect of my dreams.

2014 gave me wings and the belief in my ability to spread them wide and soar.

And, 2014 gave me room to grow, to inhale, exhale and take in all the beauty and wonder and awe around me and know, I am safe no matter where I am in the world when I stand in my truth holding onto nothing but my capacity to Love fearlessly, completely, unconditionally.

2014 taught me to let go of fear that I will never be enough, or never have enough, or never know enough.

2014 taught me to celebrate the small moments and the large. It taught me to see the beauty in every heart and make space for the sacred in every moment.

2014 was a continuation of the years before and the years to come where I learn to be my human self in all its complexities, all its wonder and awe, and all its beauty and the beast living in harmony within this flesh and bone that carry me through each day.

2014 was my year to step with confidence onto centre stage of my own life and say, without hesitation or fear or false modesty, ‘This is where I belong. This is where I must be to live this one, wild and precious life for all I’m worth.”

The earth has turned 365 orbits around the sun and now, 2015 awaits.

It too will be a year for learning. A year for growing. A year for stepping into the true magnificence of my human condition where I know unequivocally, that we are all here on this earth to shine, to beam and to love one another with all we’ve got to give. And in our loving unconditionally, we will receive the greatest gift of all — our hearts filled with nothing but Love. No hatred. No condemnation. No fear. Just Love.

As 2015 approaches, I surrender holding onto what was to breathe into this moment where all there is is everything I need to live fearlessly, completely free.

May each of you know the wonder and majesty of your true selves shining brightly for all the world to see, there is only one way for humankind to live together, only one way for us to create peace and tolerance and acceptance. And that way is Love.

Wishing each and every one of you a peaceful and loving New Year.