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Woman Awaken

Woman awaken.
Rise up.
to the earth move
within thy sacred feminine
giving birth
to the wisdom of the universe
flowing in your veins.
Woman rise up

Woman awaken.
Rise up.
the portal of your sacred womb
with the essence
of the universe
calling humankind
to step back
from the edge of madness
pull away from the abyss
of our minds’
constant drive to self-destruction.

Woman awaken.
Rise up
your work is not done
you must guide us
back into our hearts
where wisdom arises
in our memory
of being one
with the ways of Mother Earth.

Woman awaken.
Your time has come
Blessed is the fruit
of thy womb
at the centre of the universe
pouring forth
the healing powers
of grace
Reverse the laws of living
in the past or fearing the future
Bring us back to our hearts.

Woman awaken.

Thy time has come.

The poem appeared after watching the video below on S*HE LivingTV and becoming completely immersed in the words of Ilarion Merculieff