Love. Courage. Curiosity

Love. Courage. Curiosity
by Louise Gallagher

Trembling, she stood 
at the edge of darkness
her heart beating
an erratic tattoo
full of trepidation
that to enter
would be the end of light

“I am afraid,” she whispered
into the darkness
holding back from stepping forward
as she stood trapped in her fear
she would be consumed
by all she could not see
and all she did not know
about the darkness.

Be not afraid, whispered her heart,
I am always here, beating steady
holding you safe in the womb of love
that is eternally present in all of life.
I’m here too, said courage.
And so am I said, curiosity chimed in.
And the light grew brighter and said, 
I will never burn out
with Love as your constant companion.

Gratefully, she invited them to join her
as she moved forward from where she stood
at the edge of her fear
into the darkness.

Buoyed up by their presence
she flung her arms wide
and stepped boldly into the darkness
knowing her heart and courage and curiosity
would step fearlessly with her.

Bathed in the glow of their presence, 
her light grew brighter
and the darkness grew dimmer
and fear vanished in the light
of knowing, no matter where she was,
in darkness or in light,
she was always safe
when she walked faithfully in Love.

I took my own advice yesterday and spent time immersed in wonder and art playing for hours in my studio.

The painting above is what appeared.

I didn’t know where I was going, or what I wanted to do when I began. But I needn’t have worried. The muse always knows and when I am open to her whisperings, she flows with ease and grace, lightening even my darkest doubts.

About the process:

The background in this piece is very layered and complex.

Layers of sprayed on inks covered by stenciled on gesso and pastels, shapes, textures and patterns as well as collaged on images printed onto rice paper.

One of the challenges I set for myself in this piece was to create it without the use of a paintbrush.

So that’s what I did.

About the poem:

This morning, when I sat down to write the poem began to form as if floating in from the velvety darkness all around.

I love to sit at my desk in the morning, looking out at the river, my latte steaming by my right hand, the only light the halo of my desk lamp and the candle I burn in the mornings as I write.

Perhaps it was the combination of the image and the atmosphere around me, but, I wasn’t expecting a poem to write itself out.

I had other ideas.

I’m grateful courage and curiosity opened my heart and mind to being present to the mystery of creative expression.


Be a Beacon of Light | 52 Acts of Grace | Week 38



When I was young, I remember hearing “Shh!” and “Be quiet!”. A lot.

I was a curious, active and inquisitive child. I wanted to know things. Understand the how’s and why’s. I did not want to take someone else’s word for it. I wanted to figure it out for myself.

Did not make me an easy child to have around all the time — just ask my parents!

And hence, why I heard Shh! and be quiet so much.

As I grew. The shushing of myself became a habit.

I wanted to fit in. To be accepted. To be liked.

So I shushed myself up.

It’s time to quit shushing up.

I’m letting myself out. Letting myself be heard. Seen. Known.

We all must.

Because in our silence, fear grows, tyranny expands and injustice permeates the fabric of our society.

In our silence, and our fear of shining our own light brightly, we create space for the darkness to seep in and dim our voices and our light.

Shine bright.

The world needs your brilliance. The world needs each of us to step outside our comfort zones to light up the truth of our shared experiences of being human.

We are not born to play small. We are born to live large, live wild and free. Shine bright and in your brilliance, create and captivate the world with your lightness of being you.


Every week since April 4, 2016, I have been sharing an Act of Grace.
They are designed to help you create harmony and peace in your life.
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