White After Labour Day! Oh No! You Wouldn’t!

It is past Labour Day and I am wearing white pants.

Oh be still my nervous heart. I mean… Really? What will the Fashion Police say?

I am laughing as I type that — but on the other hand, I’m not really because I truly did have thoughts of ‘dare I?’ It is past Labour Day… as I was getting dressed.

But, our summer is lingering. It is anticipated to be 29Celsius today and that’s warm. So why not?

Defying conventions creates stress within me. No matter how much I tell myself it ‘shouldn’t’ or it’s silly to worry about it, the conditionning is there.

The opportunity is to work with what is and do the things I know will move me through it with grace.

There was one thing I could have done I decided not to do — and that thing was, wear a different outfit.

Recognizing that this is a ‘thing’ for me, I have chosen to use it as an opportunity to push myself out of a discomfort/stress point I am carrying. I have chosen to allow myself to grow through it.

Now, this is not a big stressor, but it could be if I chose to let it rule me.

To ensure it doesn’t, I am writing about it, sharing it here with you — and yes, I know it’s not a big deal and I know not paying attention to arbitrary (and imaginary) fashion police is a good course of action, but the notion of not wearing white after Labour Day is deeply engrained somewhere in my psyche.

I didn’t choose it. I wasn’t even consciously aware of it being implanted. But, there it is.

Today, I get to choose to step into it, embrace it and allow myself to grow through it so that its impact is minimized and I am strengthened.

And in doing that, I have the opportunity to release the stress it creates when I do something that defies conventions I’ve adapted to without even being conscious I’m doing so.

In my video today, I share some of my practices to release stress in my life.

I hope you share some of yours.

And here’s to dressing to please yourself. Here’s to being who you are, exactly how you are without giving space for others to tell you how you should be!