Rainy Days & Mondays. Autumn Leaves and Falling.

Autumn is a season of contradictions.

Summer’s lazy days are fading into cooler mornings and chillier nights. Turning calendar pages  remind us to get back into the swing of fall.

School’s in. Traffic thickens. Busy begins to fill our calendar days.

In summer’s fading light, shortening days remind us to prepare. To gather our resources, to husband our energy in readiness for the long cold nights of winter to come.

And always, life is calling us to awaken.

I awoke this morning.

Fall is in the air.

Skies are laden. Rain hangs lightly in the air. Leaves are turning. The world is slowly turning golden.

I awoke this morning and remembered I had nowhere to go. Nowhere to be. It is a long weekend Monday.

I lay in the bath. Savoured the early morning quiet. The hot water easing muscles aching from yesterday’s marathon garage clean in preparation of winter’s approach.

I lay in the bath, sipped my latte. Stared up through the skylight at the rain lightly peppering the glass.

Ah yes. Autumn leaves are falling. Nights are growing longer.

I awoke this morning.

Fall is in the air.

Life is calling me to awaken.