Living from our essential essence makes a difference

I love magical evenings and last nights gathering for The Essential Journey teachings by the magnificent Kerry Parsons was just that — a magical evening.

For several months I have worked with Kerry, Howard and Ian Munro on co-creating a generative alliance of new-thought leadership called, The Centre for Conscious Living. Last night, Kerry presented the foundational teachings of the alliance to a group of friends/supporters/interested on-lookers. Those who have been coached through Kerry’s gifts experience the Journey in action. For many in the room, however, this journey was new. A virginal landscape of new-thought leading to the limitless possibilities of living life from the core of our essential selves. That place where we are as we are born — magnificent, radiant, brilliant, divine…

When I became a mother there was one thing I knew for sure I wanted to instill in my daughters hearts and beings — that they are at their very core, ‘magnificent’. Their behaviour was not, is not, who they are. It is a reflection of where they are at, how they are interpreting the world, and where they are standing in that interpretation. You can change behaviour, you cannot change who you are at your core — because, no matter what they did or were doing, who they/we are was never diminished. Can never be changed.

We are magnificent.

It is a truth I can remember holding from a very young age. It didn’t matter what was happening around me. Through chaos, parental fights and sibling rivalries. I knew, deep, deep within me that we were all ‘good’. It was our behaviour that was sometimes optional.

Of course, as a child, I struggled to align the goodness I knew lived within me with the craziness of the world around me. And in my struggle to make sense of my world, to fit in, to be part of the community of my birth, I adapted. I re-wired my thinking to accommodate what was happening in my world so I wouldn’t feel so out of step with everyone around me. That re-wiring helped me survive because that’s what the adaptive journey is all about. Survival. It is a basic instinct. A core imperative of the life impulse.

Challenge is, in my adaptations, I began to behave in ways that pushed back my feelings of unease so that I wouldn’t have to constantly struggle against thoughts of “I am unworthy’, I am bad, I am not enough’ by proving, I am worthy. I am good. I am enough.

And then  I became a mother and I knew, I could not, would not allow my daughters to believe anything other than the truth — they are magnificent miracles of life.

And again I struggled. I am not that powerful that I can change the world I told myself as I fought to get the world around them to quit saying, “What a good girl,” if they did something ‘good’.  Please don’t make their behaviour about who they are, I asked. Again and again. 🙂  (old habits die hard) Who they are is separate and distinct from their behaviour I insisted. They are fundamentally ‘good’. I want to deal with behaviour. I never want to question their inherent ‘goodness’.

It was a tough road but I was determined to hold my course.

My daughters are young women now and they know, in their core, that they are magnificent. Sure, they still like to tease me about withdrawing them from a playschool because the teacher insisted on calling them, ‘good girls’, or bad girls depending upon the circumstances. And, they love to tell the story of my storming into a math teachers class to confront him on calling one of them out about a messed up math book. But in their hearts, they know the truth — they are magnificent.

In my mother’s heart I know it is the greatest gift I could have given them. To know they are beautiful, radiant, brilliant, magnificent. To know this world is all our world. It is not a world divided. It is one world and it is all our planet. By living our magnificence, we can create a world for all of us, this one humanity we share in, to live from the truth of our shared experience of our essential selves.

We are all magnificent.

From the place of knowing our magnificence, all things are possible. Operating from possibility, we make a difference that radiates out into the world in Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony.


Our magnificence is the difference

I get discouraged some days.

There, I’ve said it. I get discouraged.

I look at the world, I encounter a situation that doesn’t make sense, a remark that hits a nerve or triggers a memory and I feel the ennui of discouragement settle around me like a woolly blanket on a winter’s night. Except, discouragement isn’t comforting.

It makes me feel…. sad.

Colour me optimistic. Colour me naive. But I do believe peace is possible.

Not the peace of the world kind. But rather, the peace within that radiates out into the world creating ripples of harmony everywhere it flows.

Last night at our Centre for Conscious Living meeting — we are four people setting the framework for the centre which we believe can impact how we express our magnificence in the world — we talked about what is the impact we want to make. How many people do we want to touch. We had agreed at the beginning of our meetings that the number was ‘millions’. But the question came up — what does that look like.

Well… said one of the group. In practical terms, one in a thousand. 1 in a thousand sounds manageable we all agreed. Not too pie in the sky. Not too out there we’d never even get to the sky above us. Someone quickly extrapolated the number into a quantifiable amount. That’s 700 million people. Oh. Cool.

and then, we did the math again.

Oops. 7 million people.

And I laughed.

Because seriously, 700 or 7 million — the point isn’t to count the number reached. The objective, in this emergent alliance of co-creative leadership, is to put into action, the possibility, the probability, the absolute necessity of moving forward. Of taking action. Of doing what we believe we can/must to create a world of change all around. A world where people see, feel, know they are not the adaptive being they became in order to fit into the world as they viewed it, but rather, the magnificent essence of the self they were born into this world to be — because they already are, this magnificent being.

This is who we are all born as — not ‘to be’ — but as.

Call me Pollyanna, but I’d rather believe it is possible to create a world of magnificence than to live believing there is no magnificence to awaken in anyone.

We are all magnificent. It’s just that in the journey of our lifetimes, we have adapted our thinking about who we are to accept how we are in the world today as being ‘okay’, or all that we can be.

Shaking up the status quo doesn’t come easily to we humans. We like to protect and preserve our beliefs. And some of our shakiest ones are the ones we tell ourselves about what we can or can’t do about ourselves in this world of wonder. Some of our cruellest beliefs are the ones we hold onto about ourselves. And in our desire to not let go of our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we will go to great lengths to hold onto the impossibilities of change that keep us playing small.

We are all magnificent.

I know this. It is not a belief, or a dream. It is a truth I know about our human being.

We are magnificent, and the rest is just stuff.

It is that simple. We are born to be great — and whatever else we are doing is just stuff. Stuff to keep us playing small. Stuff to make us think we don’t have to shine.

We are all magnificent.

We are all born to shine.

I awoke feeling a bit discouraged this morning. Frustrated that others couldn’t see the wonder and beauty I see in them.

They don’t have to — until they do.

In the meantime, I must continue to do what I do to shine, to radiate, to light up the path so that 700 million people will be touched by the truth that is our birthright. We are all magnificent. And all the acting out in the world will never diminish or extinguish that truth.