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And so we marched.

On Saturday, we marched.

Beaumont at the march. “Where are all the pussycats?”

Over 5,000 women, men, children (and dogs too).

We marched.

We marched for human rights, indigenous rights, minority rights, women’s rights, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ2S rights. We marched for the right to march. The right to speak up, have a voice, give voice to what we believe in, what we want in our world, what we do not want more of in our world.

Discrimination. Misogyny. Brutality. Divisiveness. Unethical and unfair treatment of those who are vulnerable, living on the margins, struggling to find their way.

We marched so we could say, “We will be quiet no more. We will not give into fear, discrimination, misogyny, brutality, divisiveness, unethical behaviour and unfair treatment.”

We marched to tell the world we are ONE. One planet. One humanity. One human race. We are all together on this giant ball spinning through the universe, orbiting one sun, the light and heat and warmth of which we all share.

We marched to tell each other we care. We are connected. We are in this world, this life, together.

We marched to tell each other we must treat one another as equals, as human beings, as party to the same world upon which we walk, breathing the same air, needing the same oxygen, food, water, space.

We marched because we know that fear is not the answer. Action is. Giving voice is. Speaking out is.

We marched because we know…

Love is what matters and Love trumps hate. Just as love trumps fear and misogyny and divisiveness and exclusionary practices, and lies and bullying and all host of human ills.

And in our voices joined together all around the globe we said…

Human rights matter.

Women’s rights matter.

Immigrants’ rights matter.

LGBTQ2S rights matter.

All rights matter to us. We the people.

We marched because we chose to take action.

It was one action we could take that mattered to each of us who came out to support the millions of people walking with us on that day, at that time, all around the world. Because to each of us, each of us matters. Whether you were marching with us or were not, we all matter.

We are one humanity. And when we treat one another with dignity and respect, when we are inclusive and accepting of our differences, when we let go of the things that keep us fighting as ‘us versus them’, when we show each other kindness and love, the earth becomes a better place for every living thing on this planet .