Knit One. Pearl One.

It was just a plain cardboard box labelled with my name and address. The name of a town in New Brunswick the only clue as to the sender.

I knew who sent it. A woman named Sharon who for the past three years had been sending an identical box because two of her children had once found their way to the emergency homeless shelter where I worked before finding their way back home several years later.

In her note that year she wrote:

“Enclosed is a box of handmade mitts and hats from two gals from New Brunswick who truly believe in the work that you and your volunteers offer the residents of Calgary. As in the past, you have supported our children as they went out west to find employment, and start a new life, that may not have been so glamorous, and ended up in your shelter.

In our appreciation, please accept these small tokens, made with huge hearts by mothers who know what it is like to have a child that has lived on the streets in Calgary. May these warm gifts from our heart help others that are in need this coming winter.

As in past years, these items are made with wool from sheep that have grazed in New Brunswick, wool spun and manufactured at Briggs & Little in New Brunswick and knitted by myself, a New Brunswicker and Marg, a Newfoundlander.

May you and your volunteers know that your work has not gone unnoticed but has encouraged many, even mothers on the east coast of Atlantic Canada.”

A plain cardboard box that held all the prayers and hopes of mothers the world over. May my child come home, safe and sound — for Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan. Whatever the occasion. May my child come home, safe and sound.

We never know when something we do will make a difference. We never know what that difference will be. We never know whose heart we’ll touch.

Sharon touched my heart that day and memories of her grace and kindness continue to resonate in my world today.

She reminds me that this is an amazing world. A world where on one side of the street people walk wrapped up in the warm coats of lives stitched together from one moment to the next filled with things to do, places to go, people to see. A world where, sadness and bleakness wear weary paths to the place where shelter is found in every kind of weather, just across the street.

A world where, just across the nation, mothers, like Sharon and Marg, sit together and knit away the dark hours of winter to the soothing hum of knit one, pearl one.

A world where knitting needles click and two mothers create a gift that will shelter the hands of those who have been left out in the cold.

With each knit one, pearl one, Sharon and Marg stitch together the possibility of hope arising in the hearts of those who receive their gifts — no matter the state of their lives or their position at the shelter — because each stitch has been cast with a pearl one of gratitude, a knit one of hope.

In opening the box of multi-coloured mittens, I was reminded that when we knit one in hope, pearl one in gratitude, we stitch into the tapestry of this world all the love a mother’s heart can hold. A love that, no matter the distance between us, can never be torn apart, can never come unstitched. Is never lost, no matter how lost we may feel.

May we all be blessed with pearls of hope stitching our lives into a tapestry full of the possibility to our returning home where ever that may be.

When stars do not fall and the sun’s shadow casts moonlight

The stars held their place in the universe last night. Their sparkling light cast a net across the night time sky twinkling joyfully in fiery abandon. They did not fall to the ground to smother earth in their blanket. They held their place and shone bright.

The moon stayed on high, shining bright, spending its time reflecting the light of the sun as earth orbited in orderly fashion around it.

And shadows lengthened. And shadows shortened. And tides ebbed in and out. And the universe continued its journey through time unnoticed, unremarked, unobserved.

All is as it is. All is what it is in the universe. We walk this planet oblivious to its grand design, and all is as it is.

Have you smiled this morning in gratitude?

Have you smiled?

I awoke this morning to Beaumont’s quivering body squirming to get out of his kennel where he spends the nights sleeping at the end of our bed.

I smiled.

And I laughed.

And I cuddled his sweet puppy body against my heart and whispered, I love you dear Beaumont, as I carried him outside to the grass. I stood in the sun as he sniffed the dew-kissed earth searching for just the right spot to relieve himself. I stood in the sun and felt the warmth of morning light falling upon my face. I smelt the fresh crisp air of morning. Heard the birds singing in the trees.

And I breathed deeply of morning’s grace and I smiled.

What a wonderful day to be alive.

I am grateful.

For many mornings past, I never stepped out into the world around me when first I arose. I had no reason and did not make the connection that stepping out into the air outside my back door awakens my senses to the wonder and beauty and bounty of the earth all around me.

I am grateful for Beaumont’s presence and his reminder to appreciate and give thanks for the world around me.

Scientists predict that by the year 2050 we will be over 9 billion people on this planet.

9 billion + people.

They also predict that with so many people on earth, we will each have to be make do with 40% less of life’s essential resources — water and oxygen.

Staggering thought.  Will we have to breathe less? Drink less? How will we survive?

What can I do today to create better for tomorrow?

What can I contribute, give, create that will improve life on earth today and thus, ripple out into the future in ever increasing waves of joy-inducing harmony?

My smile.

My joy.

My laughter.

My love.

To change the world, I must raise my consciousness on how I walk on this planet. I must go in peace. Softly. Gently. Respectfully.

Changing the world begins with me.

When each of us accepts we are the change we seek to create in the world, and act from our higher ground, acknowledging and being accountable for every step, every breath, every act, we will create a better world as we treat the world better, together.





Be determined as a dandelion

Change copy

Journal entry Feb 3, 2015 Watercolor, acrylic, pen

Changing the world is a big job. Changing yourself even bigger. Especially when the change within is not cosmetic, but entails focusing on fundamental core issues like letting go of past hurts and pains, being present, courageous, or finding value in all things.

Change is possible. In fact, change is here to stay. Accept that and it becomes easier to recognize, nothing stays the same, even us. We are creatures of change. From the moment we are conceived, we are constantly changing, growing, evolving.

Yet, even though change is inevitable, we resist and in our resistance, lose the grace that a dandelion possesses naturally.

For change to be graceful, act like a dandelion. Be determined, committed, stalwart. Be rooted deeply into the earth beneath your feet and be willing to let yourself fly to pieces. Surrender your resistance to letting go of who you are and allow the winds of change to blow you in every direction while holding true to the essence of your nature to continually grow and evolve into who you truly are.

A dandelion has to fight for its life. We humans are constantly trying to kill it off because we’ve deemed it a weed, and weeds are not welcome in our gardens. The dandelion doesn’t care what we think. It grows up through the cracks, along sidewalk edges and in the very heart of the garden.

A dandelion believes in itself and its right to be exactly who it is.

For today, be the dandelion.

Let yourself flow freely with the world around you while never losing your sense of self firmly planted in the grounds of your belief that who you are is not a weed. Who you are is a beautiful, inspiring, enchanting vision of ethereal grace continually changing into a bright vibrant flower of life over-flowing the boundaries of your limiting belief, you cannot change.

You can. You are. You do. Continually.

Let go of resistance and make your change a graceful choice to be present in the moment of what is, free to become all that you ever dreamed of possible in your life.